April 29-30 2019

London, UK

European Edition



Elizabeth Cowper
Vice President of Human Resources
Tapestry Europe & Coach International

LEAP: "Rethinking well-being and wellness in the workplace."

Amber Kelly
People & Culture Director
The Post Office

LEAP: "Rethinking how we drive employee engagement in retail."

Kayleigh Ansell-Shaw
Head of Global Human Resources

LEAP: "Rethinking how HR can support brand growth."

Sarah Eglin
Head of People Partnering - People & Logistics

LEAP: "Placing people at the heart of business growth."

Amanda Fishburn
Head of Communication & Culture
Dr. Martens

LEAP: “Redefining a unique culture fit for a global retail brand.”

Helen Crosby
Head of People Experience

LEAP: “Changing the conversation around employee wellbeing.”

Helen Verwoert
Global Director of Human Resources
Dr. Martens

LEAP: “Redefining a unique culture fit for a global retail brand.”

Holly Lowes-Bond
Head of Human Resources

LEAP: “Challenging traditional retail management models.”

Jemma Boon
Head of Event Content

LEAP: “Providing a platform to drive radical change through people.”

Jesper Smith
Head of Human Resources
Clas Ohlson

LEAP: “Leveraging new HR technology to transform employee & customer satisfaction.”

Kim Wylie
Global Director of People Development

LEAP: “Rethinking how to help business leaders guide their teams through change.”

Rachael White
Head of HR Transformation

LEAP: “Taking new approaches to HR transformation in retail.”

Sergio Caredda
Senior Director of Human Resources
VF Corporation

LEAP: “Breaking away from traditional HR to transform employee engagement.”

Sian Keane
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Rethinking how we build the culture that we support the business as it scales.”

Tessa Boshoff
most recently HR Director
Karen Millen

LEAP: “Taking new approaches to identifying & developing retail leadership.”

Thomas Davies
Global Director, Founder & CEO
Google Cloud, Temporall

LEAP: “Redesigning culture as a KPI.”

Toby Foreman
Human Resources Director

LEAP: “Strategically taking HR to the next level.”

Melanie Steel
Interim HR Director, Founder, & Non-Executive Director
People Change Expertise & the British Retail Consortium

LEAP: "Rethinking how to strategically take HR to the next level”

Martin Kirke
Coach, Non-Exec Director & former Chief People Officer
The Post Office

LEAP: “Driving new thinking around how we do HR in retail.”